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I was super excited that recently I found a local used bookstore. You would think Charlotte, NC would have more of a selection of used books store especially since I am located near The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Last Word is the name of the store and their books are a good price.  Today I bought 3 books for $12. Check out their website http://www.thelastwordcharlotte.com/.

The books I bought today.


At the end of May I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the new Art of Animation Resort since I am Cast Member. Let me just say that this resort is gorgeous! Check out my pictures of the resort. There will be a total of 4 sections of the resort only two are open. The Finding Nemo and Cars section are open to the public they are finishing up the Lion King and The Little Mermaid section.

It was a scavenger hunt/map

                                                                                        The new Resort!

                                                                                           Front of the Resort

Front Desk

                                                                                            The walls in the front desk lobby area

                                                                                               Art work

                                                                                           Outside of the buildings

                                                                                              Finding Nemo pool

                                                                                     Art work in lobby

   The buildings are so cute!!

                                                   Master Bedroom (the other bed is a kitchen table by day and a bed at night)

Folding the kitchen table into a bed

I just love the picture inside the bed

                                                                                                Too Cute!!

The next section was Cars!!

                                                                                          Cars Building

                                                                                             Cars’ pool

                                                                                            Master Bed

I have so many pictures that I haven’t posted yet. It seems like I am always working. The heat here is not fun and I hate it especially when I work outside at my attraction. At least I get a break once in a while and I get to work inside at the Animation Academy or performing one of the Drawn to Animation shows with Mushu. Here are some of the pictures I have taken. ENJOY and have a great Monday!!!


The famous Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios (AKA Where I work)

Enjoying a Glorious Funnel Cake at Magic Kingdom!!

The Haunted Mansion

The View of Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Met up with Donald Duck in Mexico!

He gave me a kiss!!

And Another kiss!

Drink Around the World #1 in France with my awesome co-worker Katherine

I found stitch!!!

The famous Walt Disney World Monorail

The sea of people for 4th of July fireworks at Magic Kingdom


It has been a couple of crazy days since I checked in for my second Disney College Program. I am now an official Disney Cast Member AGAIN!! 🙂 Currently, I am working on uploading some videos that I took at the parks. Keep checking back. You can check out some pictures that I have taken. ENJOY!!!!!!!


On the Disney Bus after I completed Disney Traditions. I am official NOW!!!


Mickey Mouse stopped by at our training to say hello. 🙂

Spectro Magic Parade at Magic Kingdom. Great Parade.

Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom before Wishes firework show.

Snuggling with Goofy!

Mickey Mouse ears on my ice cream from Magic Kingdom! Great pre-Wishes snack. 🙂

Hey everyone! I wanted to check-in and show you pictures of my trip to visit my friend. This Wednesday I check-in for my second Disney College Program as an Attractions Intern. Keep checking back for more updates.

Me and Kara posing in our new hats at Belk’s HAHA

Spending time with Kara since I won’t be in her wedding in June

Hey everyone!!

I am the Social Media Community Director for an amazing website for woman called http://SheNOW.org. It is a great place for woman to come together and network. SheNOW is trying to stop the stereotypes of how woman have to follow the same path by going to college, get married and have kids. Recently, I wrote a blog post about me achieving my dreams and would love for ya’ll to check out. http://shenow.org/2012/04/17/stop-comparing-yourself-to-others/


Hey! It has been a while since I have blogged. Just want to let everyone know I am going to be heading to Walt Disney World for the Disney College Program. After several times of rejection e-mails I finally got into the program and will be doing Attractions this time.  Today was my last day at the hotel I work and my co-workers bought me a cake, balloons and card. Thank you too all my CO-WORKERS you are awesome!I am planning on updating my blog about my trip to find my dream job with The Walt Disney World Company. Can’t wait for this amazing adventure. Enjoy my photos! I will talk to you later!!