Kermit the Frog Is The Smartest Frog I Know!

Currently, I am taking a Creative Writing course at the local community college. Each class our teacher tries to get us to share what we wrote about. This is something that I struggle with. I worry too much about if people will like what I wrote or if it is good enough. Today after class I started thinking about Kermit the Frog and how he always encouraged the other Muppets and believed in them. I have two amazing friends that I met in college that do this for me. But of course everyone has that voice inside of you that says you can’t do it. That is the greatest thing about having wonderful friends that believe in you because they help get rid of that voice. As you will come to find out I LOVE the Muppets. I especially loved “The Muppets” that recently came out with Jason Segel and Amy Adams. The other day I was looking on Youtube and found  “Man or Muppet” video. This is a great song and reminds me that everyone  struggles to find who they are. Check it out!


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